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england lol
  Ibsu Bai Hui, Jan 28 2008

where i live, you have to look THIRTY otherwise they ID you or deny you alcohol

2 years ago it was "must look 18 or get ided"
1 year ago it was "must look 21 or get ided (21 wtf we arent usa?)"
now it´s "must look 30 or get ided"

anime fans, click and never die

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rob b hood
  Ibsu Bai Hui, Jan 25 2008

just wondering if anyone has seen this, possibly the best jackie chan film.

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  Ibsu Bai Hui, Jan 25 2008

dunno comment if you feel like you have anything to say, look at my aggression factors or vpip or something, i dunno what they should look like=)

session started off with like a few massive setups/lack of concentration in a row before i could even get comfortable in my chair (actually im never comfortable my setup wreaks)

a few things i remember/learn recently... 1 floating type thing... 2 AK is often good in places preflop (!)

i need to check up on...

pf ranges 6max 50nl

i´ll talk to someone on msn about that i think

i tried playing only from cutoff (not today), and tried playing everywhere (today), and dunno what range i should be reraising on blinds or oop or what range to call reraises with

anyway here are whatever graphs/stats i have for this session

i dunno if the ev graph is indicative of anything, shrug, you tell me


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